Chub® Vantage® Compact Rig Wallet

Chub® Vantage® Compact Rig Wallet


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Product Actions

  • Hard protective outer case
  • Moulded rig bar
  • Capacity for over forty rigs
  • Small easy-grab Chub pins
  • Rigid divider prevents tangles


The Chub Compact Rig Wallet has a hard protective outer case to keep your rigs safe and secure. Although compact in size this double-sided wallet has the capacity forover 40 rigs and is perfect for all short type rigs such as stiff and chod rigs. The integral moulded bar protects hook points from damage and the small easy-grab pins keep your rigs neat and tidy. A rigid divider also prevents tangles when the wallet is closed.
Chub® Vantage® Compact Rig Wallet
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