Chub History

Brand History

One of the first major British Carp manufacturing brands, Chub was founded in 1994 after an engineering company in Essex, UK realised there was an opportunity to sell the products they produced to fishing tackle suppliers.

The diversification went well and in 1994 Chub Leisure Ltd. was founded as a sideline to the engineering business, employing a salesman and manufacturing one product; the Trent Chair.

The Trent Chair was one of the first to feature a locking leg system that locked open and closed.

The range of chairs that soon followed were named after famous rivers including the Kennet, and the bedchairs after famous lakes – Redmire, Savay and Cassien to name just a few. The bedchairs also featured a unique pull pin metal reclining system and at this time all the chairs and bedchairs were 100% UK manufactured – a testament to the engineering lineage of the firm.

Specialist Carp anglers were recruited as Product Developers and by the time Chub Leisure Ltd was bought by Hardy & Greys in 2005, there were over two hundred items in the range - from rods to rigs, chairs to bags - and the company was trading in tackle stores across Europe. All products were designed in the UK and Chub was relocated to their current home in Alnwick, Northumberland, acquiring a large number of patents and registered designs.

Joining up with Hardy & Greys enabled Chub to improve and expand their ranges even further, in particular their rods, taking advantage of the technologies, expertise and testing facilities available allowed Chub to launch the Outkast Rod range. This range offered previously unseen performance and a first to market lifetime warranty available at a sub £100 price point.

The current Chub range is a testament to the team of staff and consultants behind the brand, and their passion for Carp angling. Every product, from rod to rig wallet is thought through and developed by people who spend hundreds of hours on the bank.

The Hardy & Greys group were acquired by Pure Fishing in 2013.